Providing Construction Consulting and Expert Witness Work

After 30+ years of doing inspections in the Chicago area we've moved our business to Portland OR. We no longer provide pre-purchase home inspections. We're still available for expert witness work. Please call at 312-961-6363.

Tomacor provides expertise to support or refute arguments in a court case that relate to a property’s condition or inspection, and the subsequent results. This may include property inspection(s), written reports, checklists, blueprint review, etc.

Tomacor has  conducted commercial inspections for 30 years. Our close attention to detail and budget figures allow investors and buyers to make a clear business decision within a specific economic context or discuss the latent deficiencies. Nearly all of our inspections discover latent deficiencies and approximately 80% of our clients negotiate price or condition. All these services are offered at less than the  price of an engineering inspection which would not include cost estimations. Tomacor will inspect Malls, Multi Unit Buildings, Strip Centers, Church’s etc.

Tomacor monitors the new construction process to ensure the building is detailed according to codes and  standards. Our construction consulting includes some, if not all, of the following: written report, checklist, and/or photographs. Reports are delivered to clients quickly. This type of inspection is generally done on new construction, gut rehab, commercial work, or forensic inspections investigating a very specific problem.

"I used Tomacor about ten years ago to inspect a 2-flat I was thinking of buying in Chicago.  As advertised, I received the most detailed and accurate inspection that I have ever experienced, and avoided a building with undisclosed problems.  When I moved back to the area and made an offer on a home in the suburbs, I knew there was only one inspector that I would use. Let me put it this way – I would not buy a house in the metro-Chicago area without Tom doing the inspection!"


"Tom Corbett has amassed a staggering body of knowledge and competency in so many areas of construction and mechanical review. He was able to swiftly assess and document a varied multitude of issues that were causing systematic structural issues with our potential purchase. He was able to assess, document and educate us as buyers fluidly and efficiently. There are so many things that can go wrong with a real estate purchase. There are so many people involved with their own interests at heart. I am glad to always have Tomacor on my team to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each property I pursue."

Jeric Johnson- Tomacor Review

"I asked how he heard about our services, he explained that Tom had “killed and smashed” several sales for him. He decided to get an inspection on a property he was buying and he called Tomacor to inspect it. Although Tomacor is hated by many real estate agents, it’s irrefutable that we are an advocate for the buyer. A lot of inspectors limit inspections to an hour because they got the referral from the buyer's or seller's agent, this doesn’t favor the buyer.  After booking the inspection for this guy, I felt a sense of pride in what we do here at Tomacor and I was reinvigorated with the positivity of helping people."

- Tomacor Employee testimonial

Why Tomacor?

Tomacor Inc. has served Chicago home buyers for over 30 years. We have transitioned to Portland OR and will no longer be offering home inspections. We are available to provide consultationa and expert testimony for construction disputes.

Buyers Advocates

We have been passionate about helping our clients find a safe and secure property.

Real Choice

By choosing Tomacor buyers have shown support for independent home inspectors.

Reduce Purchase Prices

With an accurate home inspection, prices are reduced to a price that reflect the condition of the property.

Agents Profit From Ignorance

Often, even buyers agents fail to represent the interest of their clients.

Our Expertise

From homes and churches to mulit-unit buildings and malls, Tomacor's experts have seen it all.