About Us

after 33 years we've moved

We're unable to refer inspectors in the Chicago area

We have transitioned to Portland OR and are no longer performing home inspections. Because home inspectors depend on real estate agents for referrals, their opinions are cuffed. They are in dual agency, satisfying the real estate agent in order to get more referrals, while attempting minimal disclosure. We have been unabashed advocates for home-buyers for more than 30 years. Our competitors in the business have said they can't walk in our shoes. Ask your attorney for a referral.

Referrals to Tomacor:

  • Past clients
  • Real Estate Agents referring friends and family
  • Real Estate Professionals outside of the purchase transaction

Tom corbett

Founder and CEO
Thirty plus years inspecting, ten years General Contractor and twenty-eight years home inspector educator ● Active in lobbying for the Illinois Home Inspector Licensing Act ● Expert witness for the U.S. State’s Attorney on two occasions ● Ethical Complaints Committee and Peer Review Member American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) ● Master Inspector designation ● Chicago Sun-Times columnist in Real Estate ● Helped write Illinois Predatory Lending Law

Tom Corbett

Founder and CEO

“Deal killer! He lives to kill deals.” - Agent
The real estate agents should get clear that it’s not the inspector’s job to help them sell the building no matter how many referrals they promise. Home inspectors never kill deals; the buildings do. Why not comment about how we made the buyer so strong that they were able to negotiate the price or condition before they walked away? All of our clients are stronger after a Tomacor inspection.

“I’ve had to throw in part of my commission to hold the deal together.” -  Agent
Many real estate agents have thrown a significant portion of their commission back at the buyer in order to hold the deal together. Tomacor has never killed a deal. The houses speak for themselves. Real estate agents are supposed to be sales agents. We believe they should develop a keener sense of sales when selling the property. It’s good for the buyer and the seller. With professional disclosure from the seller, no one would have to compromise their commission.

“He is so bad…he treats his clients like his family.” - Agent
This comment was actually thrown at Tomacor during a real estate sales meeting many years ago. We admit we treat our clients like family members. And we accept that criticism as an endorsement.